Regarding the “nickname” field in the app

Overview: if you’d like to change the nickname you selected in your Clever Commute profile, please use the Contact option and let us know of the change. The request can be very simple. Example:
OLD: StevenBrinniker
NEW: EasyRider

More info:
When you signed up for Clever Commute, there is a note near the nickname field which lets you know that Clever Commute may share that handle with fellow commuters. A future enhancement to our app will show the nickname of the rider alongside the actual alert they sent. The exact layout is not finalized, but it will be something like this: “EasyRider: Signal problems at Secaucus are causing delays to NYP”

Therefore, if your current nickname exposes more info about your identity than you’d like, please use the steps above to request a change.

Reminder: your nickname must be between 5 and 13 characters in length. It can not

  • be offensive (e.g., profanity)
  • be confusing to commuters (e.g. “LIRR_Mgt”)
  • contain the word Clever
  • or otherwise unsuitable
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