[Beta] Clever Commute App – What you need to know

There are Android and iOS beta versions of the FREE Clever Commute app!

  1. Read this to see if you are interested: http://clevercommute.net/fall15beta
  2. Please follow the beta steps below for your app store (iTunes or Google Play)
  3. You must be in the Clever Commute beta program to install the app.

Both: Please remember to say iOS or Andriod.


Start here => Use the Contact form of our website to let us know you want to join the beta test. We will then add you to the mailing list of beta testers.
iOS Users   Android Users
  1. Tell us your Apple ID
  2. Ensure you are running iOS 8 (iOS 8 is only needed for beta testing. All recent iOS versions will work when we go live).
  3. Install a free app from Apple called TestFlight
  4. Wait for invitation from Clever Commute. (see below for example)


  1. Tell us what e-mail address you use at Google Play
  2. Wait for the Welcome message before proceeding. It will have a link to Opt-in to the test. You will then see the below…which is how you get the actual app.


Logging in:

Inside Track user? Then use your existing id and password.

 – Otherwise –

Use your existing user id and password (which you use for the free app)

Please read:

  • The Beta software DOES connect you to the live Clever Commute system.
  • Yes – you can use the beta version to send real messages if you have something to report to fellow commuters.
  • If you want to send a “test” message, then we must pre-configure your account via these steps. Else, you will be spamming your fellow users.
  • Free users see fewer message (shorter history) than Inside Track users.
  • Please give us feedback. Let us know if you have ANY questions.