Clever Commute as an Advertising Platform

Clever Commute is in the process of enhancing its offerings as an advertising platform.

As you likely know, Clever Commute provides the means for commuters to provide real-time help to each other. The Clever Commute audience is a coveted demographic that can generally be described as

  • middle-to-upper class
  • college / advanced degrees
  • homeowners
  • white-collar
  • middle / later career professionals
  • affluent
  • homeowner
  • tech-savvy

Presenting several ways for you to reach our community

1. Via the messages already sent among the commuters

Your message appears alongside the alerts sent by the travelers.

Options include:

  • You decide which routes (e.g., LIRR, Metro North) and which lines (e.g., Port Washington, Montauk, etc)
  • Static or rotating messages (these alternating messages may be exclusively yours…or rotate your ads with other advertisers)
  • Time-of-day insertion (e.g., morning rush or evening rush)

Pricing: By the impression (CPM)

2. Dedicated direct mailing

Clever Commute will run an e-mail-based promotion to our audience with your message.

Your dedicated message will reach thousands of unique recipients at a date and time of your choosing

Pricing: By the impression (CPM)

3. Overall sponsorship of Clever Commute

This is effectively associating your branding with our product. (e.g., similar to WCBS880 radio…where the helicopter-based traffic reports are the “McDonald’s chopper 880” updates).

Each alert to all commuters in a given market will contain your message and branding.

Pricing: Negotiated based on scope, duration

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