Clever Commute Advisory Boards

All of the rewards for participation are listed on this page. At this time, we can not offer any other compensation or equity.

(1) Rider Advisory Board – This role is to influence the Clever Commute product roadmap
(based on your perspective as a commuter)

(2) Business Advisory Board – This role is to influence the Clever Commute business plan and product roadmap
(based on your industry perspective and experiences)

More info (scroll down for the key differences between #1 and #2)

For both boards:

  • Roughly once a month we’ll send you mails…looking for your input/guidance (sometimes more…sometimes less)
  • We ask you to review and validate our (current and proposed) concepts and products
  • We ask you to provide constructive challenge where needed
  • This is a one-year commitment

The Benefits:

  • A better commute for all
  • Insight into “beta” for products/services
  • Industry connections
  • If desired, recognition as being on this board (e.g., for your resume)
  • Clever Commute will do all we can to provide reciprocal support for you
    (e.g., provide promotion for your business, your causes)
  • The ability to participate in a unique and game-changing community effort

For Riders Advisory Board – In addition to the above: test out/preview new products and features from Clever Commute

For Business Advisory Board –
In addition to the above:

  • Use your education, work experience, industry context, and overall skillset to help improve the Clever Commute  business.
  • Where possible, make introductions from your personal/professional network
  • In most cases, membership on the Business Advisory Board requires the successful completion of at least one year on the Riders Advisory Board
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