How to use Clever Commute

We continue to grow and grow…so here are some basics about using Clever Commute:

Almost all of our information comes from the commuters. Therefore…it’s key that you each understand how you can each SHARE information with your fellow commuters.

How you SHARE information*

  • Use your e-mail program to send a message
  • Put your entire message in the SUBJECT line (e.g., do NOT use the body of your e-mail)
  • Each train line / bus route / etc has its own “community”.Therefore, for THIS community, you should send it to [see e-mail]
    (please add that address to your “Contacts”)

How you can RECEIVE the information

* Two things to note before you share

  1. If you are new to Clever Commute, please sit back and get the feel of how things work here before you “post” anything.
    FYI – We actually won’t allow you to share for your first 30 days
  2. Over these past 5 years, we’ve learned a few things about how to best harness “the wisdom of the crowds”.
    Here is a blog post with “the top 6 reasons your messages was NOT sent out”