It’s time, people. It’s time.

Help Clever Commute grow. I don’t mean “a little.” I mean “a step change”
After almost 6 years at the helm, I have clarity on things. If we want Clever Commute to be BETTER, it HAS to be BIGGER.

I know because I see the membership and message volumes on each and every line (yes…nationwide).
Sure…we could build a cool iPhone app
Sure…we could give you dynamic re-routing of your commute when things go bad.
Sure…there are dozens of things we could do.

BUT: In all likelihood, less than 10% of the people on your line are signed up…and that’s the part that kills me (and you).

Please: Don’t you worry about “too many people” = “too much mail”. We HAVE the technology in place to manage the flow/volume.

Remember: Clever Commute grew from a network of 4 (Hi Jim, Barry, and Steve) into 20,000 because people told each other about it.
There are millions of commuters out there…and I simply won’t accept “growing well”. We need to get big. I mean REALLY big…and the time is NOW.

Want a peek into how it could be? Check out this “Clever” RSS feed from the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor line:
The “NEC” is the largest commuter rail line in North America. Those passengers are doing a FANTASTIC job of collaborating and sharing.
But…we could easily absorb tens of thousands of new riders on that line alone.

Yes…I am energized…I am breathing fire. The Clever Commute model is proven…the technology is industrial scale and built to handle the volume.

It’s entirely possible that I will not be able to continue with the current operating model unless we collaborate to take it to the next level with a “step change”
Your financial donations help…but I need EACH and EVERY one of you to send a note to ALL of the people you know who commute.
Tell them “this works…get on-board”. Tell them “Go to and pick ‘Find your line'”

It’s time, people. It’s time.

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