Regarding how quickly we deliver your message

We hope you can appreciate that -as a free service- we do our best to ensure you get your updates as quickly as possible.

Please remember that all messages have a timestamp at the end of the subject line (e.g., [NJTT-NEC] Train 3969, 5:41pm exp NY – TTN on stand by (05:38 PM))

You can think of that timestamp as the time that Clever Commute received / processed the message (indeed: received and processed may not be the exact same time…but it’s close enough for this context). I’ll spare you the full details…but please keep in mind that the journey to your mailbox has several “legs”.

Q: Is there any way I can receive my messages faster than waiting for the e-mail?

A: “yes” – via our premium service – The Inside Track (see site for more inf0)

A: “yes” – via Twitter

We also publish “alerts” to Twitter. So if you go there, you may be able to avoid waiting for e-mail delivery. Each line has a follow. They are all listed here: For example, the Montclair-Boonton line is @cc_njtt_mbntn

A: “maybe”
Try signing up via a different e-mail address. Yup…free account are sometimes slower to deliver the mail. So if you have a “paid” / corporate e-mail address, you may see faster throughput there.

Still not satisfied?
If you still think that it’s taking “a long time” (e.g., 2 minutes after the timestamp), then we need to see exactly where the bottleneck is. Please note that the only way for us to help you is if we can see the full technical details of the delayed mail. It’s a bit geeky, but you’ve got to show us the “header”. Not to fear: we documented it all here: 

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