Looking for data and metrics? This is the place

Savvy commuters know and love our passenger-focused offerings. But we also offer solutions for transportation and media professionals.

Our existing B2B product is called Clever Commute Professional. It combines aggregated real-time data feeds with advisory services form Clever Commute package of real-time  More info can be found here.

In addition, Clever Commute also maintains a data warehouse of metrics which can be made available to support your research or story.  Among the information we can provide*

  • Details of alerts before/during/after a commuter event/issue (e.g., a derailment)
  • Historical commuter alerts (with transit provider name, route name, date, time…and reason/cause <=NEW)
  • Track-number information for trains at major stations (e.g. which tracks are used [and which are not],  length of pre-notification announcement for track numbers)
  • Train incident information for departures and on-going travel (cancellations, delays)

* depth and breadth of the data varies by variables such as transit provider and terminal


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