More control of your notifications (over / under ‘x’ minutes)

Another new feature for Inside Track users!
They can now opt-in/opt-out of user-generated alerts for delays under 10 minutes.

How it works:

  • Clever Commute technology reads the text portion of alerts sent from our commuters.
  • If we can determine that the sender is indeed sending an “x minutes late” alert, Clever Commute will evaluate the duration of the stated delay…and then send/not send based on your stated preference.

How you set your preferences

  1. Log in to The Inside Track
  2. Use the gears / settings icon (top right) to find Show/Hide-categories
  3. Select / De-select these as desired
    • Delay (long) – to receive alerts on issues with stated impact of 10 minutes or less
    • Delay (short) – to receive alerts on issue with stated impact of 11 minutes or more

Due to the variety in the message styles, we can not guarantee 100% accuracy of this feature. However, our tests have shows it to be quite effective…and we will continue to monitor and revise as needed.