Metro North Derailment

Tonight, a Metro North train derailed near Fairfield. The cronology below shows what information was shared…and by whom.

The blue timestamps show the info that Metro North shared via their e-mail alerting system
The red timestamps show data that was created and shared via the Clever Commute network of passengers on the New haven line

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(7:22 PM – Metro North) Service is suspended between South Norwalk and New Haven. Westbound service will originate out of South Norwalk making all stops to Grand Central Terminal. Eastbound service will make all stops to South Norwalk due to a derailment in the vicinity of Bridgeport …
(6:59 PM – Clever Commute) 5;57 gct to s norwalk terminating stamford. Collision confirmed in bridgeport.
(6:57 PM – Clever Commute) Derailment and injuries is accurate. No service tonight.
(6:54 PM – Metro North) Upper New Haven Line Service: At this time no Westbound service is being provided beyond Bridgeport due to a train incident in the vicinity of Bridgeport. Eastbound service will run to South Norwalk …
(6:38 PM – Clever Commute) No trains going further then South Norwalk.
(6:34 PM – Clever Commute) 505 from gct stopped at Westport passengers off train waiting for buses. Nothing moving north through Fairfield metro
(6:33 PM – Clever Commute) Major train collision and derailment Fairfield Bridgeport line. Many injuries
(6:32 PM – Metro North)  Upper New Haven Line Customers traveling through the vicinity of South Norwalk and New Haven should anticipate delays …

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