Monday Morning MNR train breakdown

Here is a color-coded breakdown of how the news flowed during this morning’s incident.
Color key:
Red – Information form Clever Commute 
Blue – Information from Metro North 

The incident began at approx 8:05 AM…and was immediately reported by the commuters.
The first e-mail from Metro North comes almost 40 minutes later.

8:05 AM – 641 cannondale to gct is broken down in the bronx with engine failure – and no ac – expect backups behind us
8:21 AM – 741 cannondale to gct still broken down after 20 minutes – outbound train just stopped with mechanical forces – expect major delays
8:22 AM – 7:07 SoNo to GCT is disabled for 15 mins now. E of Fordham

8:30 AM – Rescue train will take disabled train to 125 where we can tranfser – engine overheated and low oil pressure – already 30 minutes late – first day of a hot week

8:43 AM – New Haven Line Customers should anticipate delays of 5 to 10 minutes traveling into Grand Central Terminal due to a disabled train in the vicinity of Fordham. Please listen for announcements at your station.

8:48 AM – Disabled train waiting for rescue engine after being stopped fo 50 minutes – and metro no just sent an email blast – delays will be much longer than the 5 to 10 minutes they claim 
9:13 AM – Disabled train moving with rescue engine after 75 minute breakdown 

9:18 AM – New Haven Line Service is now operating on or close to schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced as result of this incident.

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