Proper use of “Rate this message”

Summary:  Your ratings are key to maintaining the quality of Clever Commute user-generated messages. If you find a message unhelpful, please simply answer No to the Was this alert helpful? prompt.
Report abuse is for spam/hacks and patently offensive content.


Toward the bottom of every user-generated message we send, you will find a section such WasThisAlertHelpful
as that shown at the right:

We provide this feature in order to:

  1. reward the helpful post-ers
  2. engage and coach the un-helpful ones
  3. identify and deal with any spam or unauthorized use of the system

So, in the context of our best practices, you have two choices: Yes and No

Use Report Abuse here:

  • A hacker/spammer is able to bypass our security and get their message sent to the community
    (it’s rare…but it happens. See next point)
  • A spam message is sent from the compromised e-mail account of an otherwise-valid Clever Commuter
    (e.g., if an unauthorized person gets access to your e-mail account…then we may not immediately know)
  • A legitimate commuter says something offensive / derogatory / insensitive, etc.

If you have additional concerns about a message you see, please feel free to let us know at

Just because you don’t care for the content of a message, that does not necessarily mean that someone is abusing the system. Examples:

  • A commuter shares a good alert…but outside of traditional commuting times
  • Messages which come to you via our 3rd party feeds (e.g., Port Authority)

Final point: It may be worth your time to look at our premium product (The Inside Track). It gives you the ability to filter (block) messages based on category, sender and time-0f-day/day-of-week. (see examples here)

FYI – here are examples of recent messages which were marked as Abuse…but clearly are not.

  •  Bus Customer Alert – The PA Bus Term for Arrivals (NY-bound) is experiencing a delay due to a disabled vehicle/accident.
  • Detour thru Secaucus. Problem inbound.
  • 6:34 AM Northport to Hunters Point missed connection at Jamaica. Going to be 15 minutes late into NYP
  • 7:51 AM Millburn MTD making extra stop at Secaucus. Already delayed in swamps by a few mins.
  • 8:17 Walnut to NYP announced as picking up Secaucus passengers then rolls through when no one is on the platform