The “Recent Alerts” page is very VERY rich

Here is a view of what a Premuim users experiences on the Recent Alerts page

Understanding  #1 (the top row of icons)

  • The bell is a quick link to 6 hour snooze
  • The middle icon is a link to news you need
  • The third icon takes you to the Participate page

#2 – Control your view

  • A count of current Vents and the opt-in switch
  • Turn on/off “message box” (which is #5 below)
    The message box contains tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Clever Commute

#3: The scrolling marquee

A broadcast message to all Clever Commuters

#4: An example alert 

Route, timestamp, category, train #, train description, alert, impact, reporter, geolocation and so much more


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