We call this “Yes…No”


MTD #6606 AGAIN a single decker. Has someone at one of the stops been bad?

Loud bang and saw big sparks. Train stopped for a few min then started moving, no announcement. WTF NJT? Seriously!

Njt just kicked everyone off an unscheduled local at Morristown, told to catch Hoboken or NYC trains behind. Wtf, njt?!

Bus that was stuck on tunnel now sprung and hurtling along Route 3. What blocked all lanes? Who knows?

8:51 Gladstone still sitting on Track 4. No announcements. I’ve offered to get out and push.

5:30 Train from NY Penn to MSU still in NY Penn at 5:38 with no announcement. When will they just make it a 540 train?

Cross town for 745 came late and now they are combining with 8.05 Not justified. This does not make sense.

It’s 9:11 and the 9:06 from Watchung to NY Penn hasn’t yet arrived. Still no announcement either. Guess I should’ve filled out that survey yesterday.

6318 MTD train from S Orange to Penn is running 12 minutes late. Must be because it’s too sunny.

Train 6653 to Dover 5:50 PM listed as DELAYED. No reason given. Must be too nice out.

Our bus is still outside the tolls. No movement for 25 minutes. Anyone know why?

M&E train #0435 once again not at track 14; crowd building. Why does it take so long to travel from HOB yard?

Westbound 8:10 AM from Basking Ridge stuck in Lyons Station with jammed front brake. Waiting for mechanical assistance. Same old lousy equipment.

4:57 to Wantagh cancelled. Empty train on usual track 19. Thank you LIRR for affirming Babylon line as worst (see Newsday).

Train 6410 was early heading into tunnel now creeping toward Penn. As always, the conductor is silent. Why is that @njtransit?

MTD 8:51 PM from NYP is delayed. They say caused by Amtrak, which is their usual BS

Train #6620 to NYP, barely moving, half mile from Brick Church. How do I get off ?

8:05 AM MTD – 5 minutes late already. Will NJT ruin The start of a beautiful day?

6:20 AM 33G at Bellvue late again – at DeCamp we call that Tuesday

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