“It’s like Twitter for commuters, right?” Well, kind of…

There are at least 4 very important differences between Clever Commute and Twitter:
(1) We use a variety of technologies (keywords, semantics, patterns, user history, etc.) to ensure the alerts are actionable and appropriate content regarding the in-process commute.
(2) We enrich each message with
– the category of the problem
– the impact on your commute (in minutes)
– the train route and number (and origin/destination)
– the geolocation of the alerts
(3) We eliminate duplicate messages about the same issue
(4) We deliver all messages in real time


Please see our best practices for sending an alert to learn more about what makes a message a good message.

The filters are technology-based, so all messages are subject to the same rigor. There are indeed some false positives. and some false negatives. We do our best to resolve those in real-time.
Our robots are there to help ensure a good experience for our commuters, and also to respect our sponsors and other business partners.

Other notes: