You want an example?

Simple as that…

  1. 4:14 PM: a commuter posted an alert on his line to share what he heard on the train
    “Conductor just announced single-tracking in/out of Penn”
  2. Clever Commute Artificial Intelligence technology recognized that an alert about “single-tracking” is something that affects users on all NJT lines.
    We therefore automatically re-shared it to all of our NJT riders.
  3. 4:59 PM: NJT first notifies users of the issue
  4. 5:02 PM: a different commuter Tweeted their frustration (to NJT) that CleverCommute broke the story
    and that NJT “announced this [problem] only 50 minutes after @clevercommute did”
    See the Tweet here –

    NJT said they are looking into this…but as of the update time on this blog post, the original Twitter user is still awaiting a reply

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