NJT and “on-time” (Facts)

Scenario: I need to take an NJT train to work in order to attend a 9:00 AM meeting

Note: I am responsible for where I live…how I commute…and how much lead time I need for a 9:00 AM meeting in NYC. I just need the transit providers to follow their published schedules.

The plan:  NJT Train Schedule (MoBo Line, Watchung Avenue Station to Hoboken) to PATH (Hoboken to World Trade Center)

Here’s a picture: Catch the 7:44 AM…get to Hobo at 8:20 AM…hop on the PATH…arrive in time for 9:00 meeting.
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Easy-peasy, right? Well…there are two versions of what happens:

Published ScheduleReality
Arrive Hoboken at 8:20 AM

Walk to PATH and take the 8:23 train to WTC

Arrive at the office in time for 9:00 AM meeting

Arrive Hoboken at 8:24 AM*

Walk to PATH and miss the 8:23 AM

Stand around and wait

Take the 8:29 AM PATH train to WTC

Arrive at the office too late to attend a 9:00 AM meeting

Regarding the asterisk in Reality, above

  • Train #1002 never gets to Hoboken at 8:17 AM
  • Yes, I can say never because I use the Clever Commute app to capture the actual “doors open” time each day
  • It actually arrives an average of almost 4 minutes late (3:58 to be exact)
NJT says it’s a 33-minute trip.
It’s not.
I encourage NJT to be realistic about train #1002. Change the published arrival time to 8:24 AM.


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