Introducing Clever Commute app version 2.0

Not yet released…but here are the working notes for what will be included:

The big headline: Clever Commute v 2.0 includes a premium service with a slew of amazing features

The new FREE version also includes all this…and more:

  • New feature: Leaderboard. It currently shows 4 types of rankings.
  • New feature: Departureboard with custom views for your commute
  • New feature: Profile
  • New feature: Settings
  • New feature: Help menu
  • Enhancements to Send An Alert
    • New field: The Issue*
    • New field: Impact * – used to capture the estimated effect of the reported issue
    • New field: Hashtag – Add a descriptive tag to your message
    • New feature: Real-time checking for duplicates
  • Enhancements to Recent Alerts 
    • Streamlined the look / Reduced whitespace
    • New field: The Issue (in bold, in brackets) for each alert
    • New field: Est Impact – The estimated impact of this issue on your commute
    • New option Show Check-Ins  and Show Vents

* NOTE: It is preferred that the user select the proper value.
However, Clever Commute technology will assign a value when user does not populate this field.

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