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Right…windy city (T-3)

June 23rd, 2010  |  Published in examples, Metra

A Clever Commuter shared this message 3 minutes before METRA did.

Clever Commute [7:02 PM] – Outbound 5:45 stopped at Western Ave due to weather. Must hold here until 6:15

METRA  [7:05 PM] – Inbound Trains to Chicago and Outbound Trains to Crystal Lake and Harvard Stopped

Broke brake (T-26)

December 1st, 2009  |  Published in examples, Metra

A Clever Commuter relayed this message 26 minutes before Metra shared their news

Clever Commute [5:48 PM] – 5:45 express from Union Station delayed indefinitely due to air brake problems. Haven’t left Union Station yet

Metra [6:14 PM] – 1277 scheduled to arrive Rt 59 at 6:25pm is operating 20-30 minutes behind schedule due to earlier mechanical problems

Quiet in the Windy City (T-?)

November 13th, 2009  |  Published in examples, Metra

A Clever Commuter relayed this message…and Metra never said a word 

Clever Commute [6:47 PM] – bnsf run 1250 delayed signal issues just east of Belmont

Chicago is VERY Clever!

July 22nd, 2009  |  Published in Chicago, CTA, examples, Metra

If you want to see the value that Clever Commute adds, we encourage you to look at these examples from the last 24 hours.

Tuesday morning: a rider on Metra’s Milwaukee District North Line shared news of inbound delays.

Tuesday evening: a Purple Line commuter alerted us as follows:
Purple express South stopping at Sheridan for Elton John Billy Joel concert

Wednesday morning: activity on the BNSF

  1.  637 train out of RT 59 to Chicago is stopped due to a Naperville train stopped at Naperville station!
  2. BNSF Train #1230, scheduled to arrive Chicago Union Station at 7:44  a.m., is currently stopped at Naperville due to mechanical problems…
  3.  657 out of rt 59 is delayed behind other trains
  4. BNSF trains are now moving

As we like to say here at Clever Commute “It’s good to know”….and once you are armed with info like this…you are better prepared for your commute.

A note on message formats: we encourage people to put thier entire message in the SUBJECT line of the e-mail. You’d be amazed at what can fit in 140 characters. (both of today’s ‘alerts’ would have made it…with room to spare).