Correcting Payment Problems for PayPal users (personal accounts)

If you are reading this post, then there is likely a problem with the funding source used by your personal PayPal account.
(see for more info)

In order to get your Clever Commute account up-and-running, there are 1 or 2 steps.

(1) Ensure that you have a valid funding source for your PayPal account

  1. Go to PayPal and click on the Wallet option at the top of the page.
  2. Ensure that PayPal balance, Bank accounts and Credit and debit cards are sufficient /valid to cover the cost of your subscription

(2) Let PayPal know what funding source should be used for your Clever Commute account

  1. Click on the settings (gears) icon at the top right corner of the PayPal home page
  2. Look for Payment settings on the lower right side of the page
  3. Click on Preapproved payments
  4. Click on Clever Communicator, LLC
  5. Update the Funding Source to a valid payment method