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Summary: if you are a brand (ad agency, PR firm, media specialist) interested in building awareness within an engaged and affluent demographic, then please include Clever Commute in your plans.

Our offeringClever Commute is the leader in real-time suburban transit information for riders on the country’s largest transit systems. The commuter content is enriched with a message from our sponsor partners…and delivered via e-mail, text messaging, and our mobile solutions (see more examples here). Our users have an extremely favorable view of our offering…and deeply value the content.

Audience: Peak earners, affluent, white-collar, tech-savvy. $175K HHI. (see amazing demographic details here)

Why Clever Commute is special: Traditional transit advertising does not do enough to stand out in today’s marketplace. Certainly station domination can create a somewhat immersive experience for the traveler (CBS Outdoor exampleTitan exampleJC Decaux example)…but we take it to the next level.
Clever Commute is the natural extension…which connects the brand to the commuter (not just to the station)

We provide a trusted, focused, intimate platform where the commuter actually embraces and seeks out the message.

Easy and Powerful…with You in control: The Clever Commute technology platform is a robust and cost-effective solution. Our proprietary digital production approach gives you options and flexibility.

Learn more: We’d love to help you build a campaign to promote your brand. Learn more here….and then contact us via our site. You can be up-and-running very quickly.