For the media (and others) who are looking for info about the derailment in the Bronx

If you or your organization is covering the Metro North derailment ion the Bronx, this info may be of help to you:

(1) Real-time feeds of the commuter-generated alerts from users of the Clever Commute system.
Tech note: These are standard RSS feeds. From one week ago up until the present. We expect to see increased message volume as the Monday morning commute begins.

(2) Twitter feeds of the above
Hudson line – @cc_mnr_hud
Harlem line – @cc_mnr_har
New haven line – @cc_mnr_nh
Tech note: The are “protected”…but we will add people who request-to-follow

Additional resources:
1. Alerts from MTA (e-mail / text) –
2. MNR Facebook page –
3. Clever Commute –
4. The Contact Us feature above –
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