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Clever Commute LIRR Strike Command Center

July 15th, 2014  |  Published in announcements, LIRR, media

Welcome! Clever Commute is the #1 source of information about mass-transit commuting. We are an on-line service, offering free and premium products for commuters…and B2B services for the media / enterprise.
Here is a link to all the resources you may need

Just for fun: Clever vent (a way for the commuters to let off a little steam) –

Official info from MTA

LIRR Strike Info – Real Time Datafeeds of Commuter alerts

July 14th, 2014  |  Published in announcements, LIRR, media

Welcome! The links below give you real-time access to the alerts which are being shared by LIRR commuters!
These are industry-standard XML feeds which you can view in any RSS reader.

Please visit the Clever Commute LIRR Strike Command Center for more resources.

Please note:

  • Here is a link to technical info about the feeds
  • These links contain 7 days of rolling information
  • Some have more information than others…and are listed in rough order of volume.
  • These links will expire on 31-July. Contact us if you like to see them beyond that day.

In order to save bandwith here, we don’t list out the full URL. Rather, you need build the URL’s. It’s simple!
For each branch, take the suffix in the right column, and append it to
the URL “”

Example: For “Test Branch”, the web address would be: 

Branch Name Suffix
Test Branch media-lirr-test-branch
Ronkonkoma media-lirr-ronkonkoma
Babylon media-lirr-babylon
Port Jefferson media-lirr-port-jefferson
Port Washington media-lirr-port-washington
Far Rockaway media-lirr-far-rockaway
Hempstead media-lirr-hempstead
Long Beach media-lirr-long-beach
Montauk media-lirr-montauk
Oyster Bay media-lirr-oyster-bay
West Hempstead media-lirr-west-hempstead

LIRR Workarounds

July 13th, 2014  |  Published in announcements, LIRR, media

In the event of an LIRR strike, we have crowdsourced these alternative ways to get to/from NYC. Please continue to share via the Contact feature of our web site.

Please visit the Clever Commute LIRR Strike Command Center for more resources.

These are options above and beyond the MTA’s contingency plan. Some of the private carriers take/require reservations

  • 7Bus – Serves Riverhead, Ronkonkoma, and Melville
  • Bolt Bus – Serves Riverhead, Ronkonkoma and Huntington
  • Go Bus – Serves Glen Cove and Roslyn
  • NICE Bus – Many locations
  • Hampton Jitney – Serves Amagansett, East Hampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Water Mill, Southampton, and Manorville
  • Hampton Luxury Liner – Serves Amagansett, East Hampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Water Mill, and Southampton
  • The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company – Take the ferry across the Sound…and catch Metro North. Special rates.
  • MTA Bus – North Shore LIRR riders, the N20, N21, Q12 buses go to Flushing Queens where you can take the # 7 subway
  • Other MTA Buses (credit: LI Press)
    • Take the n20/21 bus to the 7 line at Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing.
    • Take the n31/32 bus or the n33 bus to the A line on Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway.
    • Take the n4 bus to the E, J, and Z lines at the Jamaica Center on Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue in Jamaica.
    • Take the n1 bus, the n6 bus, the n22/A bus, the n24 bus, or the n26 bus to the F line at 179 Street and Hillside Avenue in Jamaica.

Related resources:

Watch this space (and be amazed)

July 3rd, 2014  |  Published in announcements, community updates, documentation, Inside Track, media, NJT, press, promotion

In the Summer of 2012, as a member of NJ Transit’s Developer program, Clever Commute built an app which gave commuters track number information in advance of being announced by NJT.

The information Clever Commute shared came directly from a NJT datafeed…and was delivered to the commuters in compliance with the NJT/Clever Commute partnership agreement.  Both sides openly acknowledged that the advance-track-number information was not 100% accurate/complete. However, Clever Commuters raved about this service.

NJT expressed displeasure with the fact that we were indeed using one of the data fields that they included in the field provided to us (and to all developers). Details of NJT/Clever Commute story can be found in this Wall Street Journal story.
To make a long story short: NJT stopped sharing that particular data feed with all developers.

However, Clever  Commute used this series of events as a catalyst to build an amazing suite of premium services which meets the needs to today’s commuters. We spent two years working / building / designing. After putting in over 1,200 enhancements, we are announcing the next version of The Inside Track – a portfolio of amazing features which empowers the commuters and gives them control over the data they need.

Today’s big news: Early-notice track numbers are coming back. In many ways our new approach makes “Round 2” better than before. 

Please follow this link to see all the details.




Special snowstorm note for reporters

February 4th, 2014  |  Published in media

[If you like Twitter and other ways to hear the “voice of the commuter”…you will LOVE this]
Use the Contact feature of our website to get access to LIVE REAL-TIME feeds

We can provide you with real-time info about what is happening on every major commuter line. We cover LIRR, NJ Transit, Metro North, PATH and more! 

With the SNOW that is coming, we are offering you FREE LIVE REAL-TIME feeds:

For NJ Transit 
  • Northeast Corridor Line
  • Montclair/Boonton Line
  • Gladstone/Morristown Line
For Metro North’s New Haven Line

  • Ronkonkoma Line
  • Port Jefferson Line
  • Babylon Line
For Decamp bus (service NJ: Montclair/Bloomfield area). Great info about Port Authority 

We’d be glad to help you if you are working on a story. 

Not commuting? You can listen in!

January 21st, 2014  |  Published in examples, media

Here is what the commuters are saying

How to read this: Within each provider (Metro North, LIRR, NJ Transit, and DeCamp Bus lines) alerts are sorted by time (see timestamp in parenthesis) …with newer ones at the top.

There will be plenty more as the evening rush continues.

  • How can we help with your story?
  • Do you want to meet the people who said the quotes below?
  • Would you like a real-time feed of the below?

More info about our B2B service can be found here

Metro North (MNR) New Haven Line 308 GCT-NHV SRO. Just announced supplemental train at  315  (03:08 PM)
Metro North (MNR) New Haven Line 2:38 GCT   NH on time, SRO. Overheard conductors saying MNRR will switch to Sunday schedule at  4PM. Not sure if that is the case, or just talk  (02:48 PM)
Metro North (MNR) New Haven Line 2:08 GCT – NH on time, SRO. Get to your train early to get a seat.  (02:20 PM)
Metro North (MNR) New Haven Line 1:08 GCT-NHV very packed SRO at Stamford–goodluck safe travels  (01:59 PM)
Metro North (MNR) Harlem Line 1252 Inbound from Fleetwood 9 min late  (01:02 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Port Jefferson Branch 252 literally full , surprisingly only 2 late for now  (03:07 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Port Jefferson Branch 252 to Huntington is beyond packed to the limit and has not left yet  (02:57 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Ronkonkoma Branch Standing room only on 2:29  (02:53 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Ronkonkoma Branch 235 extra to ronk stops jam min hicks and all stops  (02:28 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Ronkonkoma Branch 235 extra to Ronkonkoma just popped up  (02:25 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Port Jefferson Branch 232 extra to Babylon just popped up  (02:23 PM)
Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Ronkonkoma Branch 2:14 to Ronk – SRO at Penn at 2:05  (02:07 PM)
NJ Transit Train (NJTT) Main & Bergen County Lines Trains running ontime for the moment. (03:07 PM)
NJ Transit Train (NJTT) Northeast Corridor Line 2:07 train out of nyp a good 15+ plus comming in ate to sea on  route to ttn, good luck after me, it will just get worse.  (02:31 PM)
NJ Transit Train (NJTT) North Jersey Coast Line 2:07 to Trenton leaves at 2:17; NYPenn getting crowded  (02:20 PM)
NJ Transit Train (NJTT) Northeast Corridor Line Train 3843; 12:37pm local, NY-TTN. 10 min late at New Bruns.  (01:46 PM)
NJ Transit Train (NJTT) Northeast Corridor Line Train 3843; 12:37pm local, NY-TTN. Running 10 min late at MetroPark.  (01:33 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 66 at port finally. So the 2pm has become a 3pm.  (02:54 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 Decamp sends extra buses in a miraculous, uncharacteristic,  proactive move – 33 G and 33M boarded and en route home  (02:33 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 No 66 at port. Its 230. Been here since 145.  (02:28 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 2 pm 66 isvlate. Line for 33 is to newsstand and empty  bus just sitting at gate 4th where the Revis no line.  (02:11 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 2pm 33 line near news stand  (02:00 PM)
DeCamp 33 & 66 Regular 33 took 1hour 15 PA to mtc center  (01:33 PM)

For the media (and others) who are looking for info about the derailment in the Bronx

December 1st, 2013  |  Published in examples, media, MNR

If you or your organization is covering the Metro North derailment ion the Bronx, this info may be of help to you:

(1) Real-time feeds of the commuter-generated alerts from users of the Clever Commute system.
Tech note: These are standard RSS feeds. From one week ago up until the present. We expect to see increased message volume as the Monday morning commute begins.

(2) Twitter feeds of the above
Hudson line – @cc_mnr_hud
Harlem line – @cc_mnr_har
New haven line – @cc_mnr_nh
Tech note: The are “protected”…but we will add people who request-to-follow

Additional resources:
1. Alerts from MTA (e-mail / text) –
2. MNR Facebook page –
3. Clever Commute –
4. The Contact Us feature above –