If you ride NJ Transit trains…

It’s time you try The Inside Track …our premium offering which goes WAY beyond the features you know
(actually, we have moved some features FROM our “free” service…and put them in the premium product)
So, why the urgency?

– It was a TERRIBLE commute for many of you. (e.g., NE Corridor)
Yes…the traditional “Clever Commute” service helped…BUT…”Inside Track” has a FANTASTIC feature which lets you browse the Clever Commute alerts on your smartphone (NOT in your inbox)!
  • YOU control “which train lines?” (yes…you can see not just your own line)
  • YOU control “how much history to see?” (1-24 hours)
  • YOU control whether or not you read the new alerts (yes…our technology “hides” messages you have already seen!)
2. Oct 14 – The NJT train schedule will change on that day.
We are putting the finishing touches on an INCREDIBLE NEW FEATURE
We will tell you “what changed?”
That’s right! It’s the end of the tedious process of YOU doing a side-by-side comparison between “old” and “new”.
YES – we do it for you…included in your subscription price.


And of course, there is a 30-day free trial…so you have NOTHING to lose.
We have extended the Fall promotion…so the monthly fee is less than a cup of coffee.