Our technology categorizes the messages for you

So by now you know that The Inside Track has a cool feature which lets you use our app to share info with fellow passengers. Yes…you even have the ability to manually designate a category for that message.

But there are time when the Clever Commute alerts will not be created that way (e.g., done via e-mail, or auto-generated by other systems)…and we have an amazing response to that: Let the technology do it!

That’s right: our servers scan each message and do their best to derive the appropriate category. That categorization is then used two ways:

  1. As guidance for the enhanced formatting (e.g., we use special fonts on colors so that you quickly know the reason behind an alert)
  2. To improve your experience: You can then pick-and-choose which categories of messages you are interested in receiving. Don’t worry about missing any…since you can still browse all messages via our mobile-enabled departureboard