How Inside Track minimizes the problem of “duplicate messages about the same issue”

We all want good commuter data…yet we only want to be notified once about a given issue. A few years ago, Clever Commute introduced the first version of our software which does a real-time check for duplicate messages. Our initial approach continues to serve us well…and is still in use by the free Clever Commute system.
However, users of our premium service – The Inside Track expect and deserve more.

What’s the difference? 

Free version – checks for duplicates based solely on commuter line plus timestamp.
Example: All things being equal, if two commuters share messages on NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor line within “n” minutes of each other (varies based on line), the first (earlier) message will go out as expected.  The second message (“n” minutes later) is rejected …but our system e-mails the second sender a special code…which they can use to re-submit their message (in case his/her content truly was unique)

Inside Track version –  functions similarly to the above with two key enhancements:

  1. Also uses the category of the message as criteria for identifying possible duplicates.
  2. Instead of automatically suppressing the “second message”, it sends it to you with a special identifier attached to the subject line.

OLD:  [NJTT-NEC] Signal problems in Newark
NEW: [NJTT-NEC][Duplicate?] Signal problems in Newark

You now have choices for how you manage this information

  1. You can change your settings so that “Possible duplicates” are suppressed
    We treat “Possible Duplicate” as a new message category…so you can use the “Show/Hide Categories” menu option to opt out of receiving them. It’s the Possible duplicate message category…and it is “on” by default
    (Remember: you can always view all messages via the newsfeed at
  2. You can choose to receive them…and likely benefit from the information shared by a second commuter.
    Protip: if you do receive them, you have the option to set a filter on your device. Specifically, you can route them to a special mailbox so that you have them if you need them