Regarding Air Conditioning on trains

But this is really applicable to a lot of things on Clever Commute

We know it stinks when the commute is bad. Heck, that is why we built Clever Commute. But there are 3 questions to ask yourself before you send an “alert” to the group:

“Does the message I am about to send contain actionable information
1. … that people can use in order to plan their commute?
2. … with tone and content that you would find on a radio/TV traffic report?
3. … that is an objective statement (e.g., not a rant…not a question…even a rhetorical one)?
If it’s NOT yes-yes-yes…then you may just be venting. If that’s the case, then you should check out (yes…that’s a real thing).
Other notes:

  • Clever Commute is not affiliated with the transit providers. According to Clever Commute terms and conditions, they do not receive / read these messages.
  • Do NOT initiate any call-to-action or other advocacy on Clever Commute (e.g., direct commuters to “call the governor” etc.)
  • Please remember to use the “Was this alert helpful?” found at the bottom of every mail we send you.
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