Tuesday is the new Monday

Here is a color-coded breakdown of how the news flowed during this morning’s incident.

Color key:

Red – Information form Clever Commute (not all entries shown)
Blue – Information from NJ Transit  (e-mail plus web site) 

The incident began at approx 7:59 AM…and was immediately reported by the commuters. The first e-mail from NJ Transit comes approximately 20 minutes later. 
7:59 AM – Power problems. Train stopped.
8:01 AM – Conductor announces Amtrak losing power
8:03 AM – All NE Corridor inbound trains stopped, heard in conductors radio, no explanation given to passengers yet.
8:04 AM – Amtrak voltage problems. All NJT trains are stopped.
8:06 AM – Going to Hoboken (trains to NYP are diverted)
8:16 AM – 8:01 Madison to NYPENN re routed to Hoboken. Conductor reporting all midtown direct trains are going to Hoboken
… (more Clever Commute messages)…

8:20 AM – MidTown Direct Service is diverted to Hoboken. We are cross honoring with NJT bus and PATH
8:25 AM – Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line service is suspended in both directions, due to Amtrak overhead wire problem
(End. No other communication from NJ Transit)

8:35 AM – Conductor on train stuck at Princeton Jct says trains are moving in front of us. Waiting out turn to move.
8:35 AM – NJT3926 7:45 fr:PJCT now on the move towards NB – supposedly NWK is next stop
8:38 AM – Anecdotal reports of trains at Eliz and Metro moving. Westbound train just came by Metuchen w/o stopping.
8:46 AM – Just board a local train from metuchen. Conductor announced delay into NY, but trains are moving
… (more Clever Commute messages)…


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