Sept 25 – Special Announcement for MNR Riders

Thanks to all the commuters who shared info this morning…and welcome to all the new people! Please continue to send people to to get “on board.” A few things to note:

1. The next few days (and maybe weeks) will be challenging for Metro North riders.

MTA’s service plan for tomorrow (Thursday) can accommodate approximately 33% of the regular ridership on the New Haven Line.

2. Generally, the Clever Commute service works best when everyone abides by the best practices (Rules of the road)
However, during times like these, it’s OK to be innovative. If you see something which will help your fellow commuters…then please share it.

3. Clever Commute technology filters and cleanses the messages in several ways.
We do our best to ensure only “good” messages reach you. However, if you want an extra level of control, we encourage you to explore our premium product.
We’re not looking to turn this MTA issue into a sales opportunity…but just wanted to let you know that “The Inside Track” does offer you the ability to filter messages by category, duration of the delay, time-of-day, day-of-week, etc.
You can also monitor all 3 MNR lines…and do about 30 other things.
It costs $2.99 a month…and the “send me my track number” feature has been a huge hit. Read all about it here – Landing Page

4. Finally – if you are the Twitter type, you get your alerts by following
  • @cc_mnr_nh – New Haven Line
  • @cc_mnr_har – Harlem Line
  • @cc_mnr_hud – Hudson line
Read more about our Twitter approach here
I think that’s it. Thanks again…good luck…and remember to share info (NOT questions) using the “” address found in the footer the mails you get from our service.
–Conductor Josh
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