Wow! You certainly vented!

Gosh…you could make a sailor blush!  🙂

But seriously: Just a friendly reminder that  vent -at- clevercommute -dot-com is a novelty address…provided by Clever Commute for the benefit of the commuters.

Unlike our traditional service, the note you just shared went to an unattended mailbox…and will NOT be automatically sent to commuters on your line.

FYI – We may re-post the “best of” at our Twitter feed (@clevervent)…but we don’t attribute it to you.

If you are currently not a Clever Commuter…then come sign up at …but please…keep it clean 🙂

Read more about the Vent feature at

Clever Commute is not affiliated with the transit providers…and use of this service is subject to our terms and conditions.

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