Now, anyone can share a transit alert with fellow commuters! [beta]

The link:

Previously, in order for commuters to share info on Clever Commute, they needed to be a registered member (of our free service…or our premium service – The Inside Track).

Now, any commuter can use any connected device to create an alert for any line we cover!

This expansion is especially helpful beca!use commuters can now enrich their alerts in two new ways:

  1. Category – Pick from a list of known problems
  2. Geo-location – It’s always important to know what the issue is…but now we capture where.

Clever Commute uses 1 and 2 above to improve the overall experience.
We also allow users of  
The Inside Track to see and leverage this data (e.g., show/hide various categories, and see the alerts on a map).

Cool: Regardless of whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Andriod or other, you can use this neat trick to launch this new feature from your device’s desktop (just as you’d do with an app).

User guide to creating an alert:

4 fields

  1. E-mail address – We use that to check if you are a Clever Commuter. It will NOT be shared with the commuters (or anyone else).
  2. Select the commuters you want to reach. 99% of the time, this is your train/bus line
  3. Select a category – Self-explanatory
  4. Share your message – You can find a link to our best practices on that page…or right here


  • As you can imagine, messages with location info are generally more helpful than those without.
  • Check the box for T&C…and you are all set!