“Too much e-mail”?…Not from us ;)

A few weeks back, we told you about a new feature that would actively seek to find and eliminate duplicate messages in the Clever Commute system.

We continue to phase it in…but in case you are interested, here is an example from today’s commute (on NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line – the largest commuter rail line in North America)

6:55 AM
HAMLTN 6:36 to NYP is now 14 minutes late. NJT says 18 minutes due to mech failure. Empty train blew by the station 3 minutes ago.

6:56 AM
646 out of PJ 18 minutes late

As you’d expect…the 6:55 message was sent along to the Clever Commuters…and the 6:56 message was suppressed.

Just one more example of how we are continually working to make Clever Commute better.