About last night (the storm on December 19th)

Here are some facts:

  • 94 different messages were sent
  • 59 different senders sent the messages
  • 13 different routes had people helping out

Overall…we’re pleased with the way people helped each other out…and the way that the system held up. We had a slew of people signing up before the storm…and we thank each of you for referring your fellow commuter to Clever Commute.
In the spirit of continuous improvement, here is what we see as our homework:

  • Re-evaluate the format of the ads / sponsored messages. While we value the revenue they provide, we are always looking at ways to streamline things further.
  • Making things better for people who use their cell phones. If that is you, then please read this post

There’ll be more messy weather ahead…considering that this storm happened before the official start of Winter!