Tips for Metro North riders week of May 20, 2013

Earlier today, we published a posting of web resources for Metro North riders. In addition to that, here is some additional info

  • Remember our zen: Share [information]…don’t ask [for it]. For those of you who are new to Clever Commute, please check out our best practices. We have 20,00+people in our network…so stepping in and asking questions of the community simply don’t work at this scale.
  • If you have info that will help others…then share it. In the aftermath of the May 17 derailment, there may be new crowdsouring opportunities (e.g., car parking information for displaced train commuters). If you think you have good info for your fellow riders, then share it with the group. If you have questions about suitable use, the please contact us via the web site…or reach out via feedback [at] clevercommute-dot-com
  • Regarding the branches.  We generally have one “community” for each major train line on Metro North (Hudson, Harlem and New Haven). However, we recently added new communities for each of the branches on the New Haven line (Waterbury, Danbury, New Canaan), so please signup for and use those for branch-specific sharing.
  • Tweets and Texts – If you simply want to receive real-time alerts from your fellow commuters (via Twitter…or their texting feature), then you may do so via