What Track is my train on?

The idea: What track is my train on?  delivered to your inbox! (for NJ Transit Trains from Penn Station and Metro North Trains from Grand Central)

More info

  • How to sign up:
    a. Go to https://clevercommute.com
    b. Click on Find your line
    c. Change Select provider type to Trains (track numbers)
    d. Select your carrier and line
    e. Fill in the required info and you should be all set once we OK your request.
    f. Sign up for as many as you’d like
  • Special note for NJ Transit riders:
    It seems that there is some cross-listing of trains between the 4 lines that run to NYP. So…
    If you are looking to sign up for certain Gladstone/Morristown line trains…you might have to look on “Montclair/Boonton” (and vice versa)
    If you are looking to sigh up for certain “North Jersey Coast Line” trains…you might have to look on “Northeast Corrodor” (and vice versa)
  • It’s beta.  We have given a lot of thought and time to the idea and the programming, but you should definitely verify that you are on the right train ;) We will listen to your feedback and do our best to enhance it based on what you say
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