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NJ Transit Workarounds

January 19th, 2016  |  Published in alternatives, announcements, NJT, PATH

In the event of an NJ Transit strike, we have crowdsourced these alternative ways to get to/from NYC. Please continue to share via the Contact feature of our web site or via our Facebook page.

Please visit the Clever Commute NJT Strike Command Center for more resources.

These are options above and beyond NJT’s contingency plan.

By train line


Northeast Corridor Line

  • NJT Bus – 108, 112, 115 and 129 bus routes

North Jersey Coast Line

  • NJT Bus – 116 and 133/135 bus routes

Gladstone-Morristown Line

Montclair-Boonton Line

Main-Bergen County Line

Pascack Valley Line

Raritan Valley Line

  • NJT Bus – 113 and 114X bus routes

Port Jervis Line

6 Interesting ways to get to NYC when the Montclair-Boonton train line is not running

October 31st, 2011  |  Published in alternatives, community updates, NJT, PATH

Wow! You folks are creative!  Earlier today, we asked “Since no trains are running, how did you get to NYC today?”

Now…what you might not know is that NJT always does some degree of cross-honoring. Your train pass may be valid for a bus (or light rail) that can get you home.
For more info, go here and click on Travel Flexibility

Here is what 6 others said…in no particular order. Sorry if there are still questions about these details…as we did not have time to review each one. You can add more in the “comments”

Something tells me you might want to bookmark this page…;)

(1) Drove to Sec. Junction.  Parked.  Took any available train into Penn.  Already have a monthly so only extra cost was parking for the day.  Very easy.

(2) I live in Verona, and work in lower Manhattan. So, today I took the 29 express bus to Newark Penn Station. When I Got there, I took the Path train to the World Trade Center. The bus was cross-honoring my train pass, so that didn’t cost extra. I got to work a little earlier than usual, in fact.

(3) LAZ Parking at 138 Magnolia, Jersey City connects underground to the JOURNAL SQUARE PATH. The cost is 10 bucks for 12 hours.

(4) To reach Newark City Subway:
Ride the #28 bus or drive to Grove Street Station Park N Ride via Bloomfield Avenue or Franklin Avenue. 
Drive south toward Newark, passing under the Garden State Parkway overpass, and continue to Watsessing Avenue. 
From Bloomfield Avenue, continue one more block and turn left on Grove Street. 
From Franklin, turn right on Watsessing and bear right on Grove.  Park and Ride parking machine is located near the entrance to the Light Rail Station ticket kiosks. 
(Map of station location )
Monthly train pass holders do NOT need to purchase a ticket to ride the light rail.  For others, a one-way ticket is $1.35.
Ride to Newark Broad Street if connecting train lines are running, or to Penn Station to connect with PATH service and other NJ Transit trains that may be in service.

(5) I drove from Glen Ridge to Harrison this morning. Traffic on the GSP was about usual volume although Rte. 280 was jammed up due to an accident on the west side about ¼ mile west of the train station. Plenty of parking in Harrison. Trip took about 25 – 30 minutes. The Path train to Exchange Place was very crowded.

(6) From Glen Ridge:
1.) Took Bus (a special NJT train that was running when I got to the bus stop) to the Bloomfield light rail station.
2.) Took Light Rail to Newark Penn Station
3.) Took NJT train to New York Penn Station
Actually didn’t take much longer than my actual commute.

PATH of silence (T-?)

January 14th, 2010  |  Published in examples, PATH

A Clever Commuter relayed this message …but PATH never sent out an alert

Clever Commute [9:05 AM] - Signal delays on nwk to Wtc train.15 minute expected delay announced

PATH’s turn (T-14)

January 5th, 2010  |  Published in examples, PATH

A Clever Commuter relayed this message  14 minutes before PATH did.

Clever Commute [5:33 AM] -  Path service suspended. There us no Path Service from Newark to WTC, NJT is cross honoring

PATH Alerts  [5:47 AM] – NJT Buses are running express from Market St. Newark Penn Station to Journal Square

Faster than PATH (T-2)

June 5th, 2009  |  Published in examples, PATH

Our folks shared the news 2 minutes before the PATH did

Clever Commute [1:56 PM] – Fire alarms going off on WTC Path—no service to Hoboken or Newark

PATH [1:58 PM] – All PATH service is temporarily suspended, due to a smoke condition at Journal Square

Hello Hoboken!

December 13th, 2008  |  Published in new markets, PATH

Welcome to all the riders who joined after reading about Clever Commute at There is still plenty of room to grow…and the value of these Clever communities increases as more people join. Please continue to share the good news of Clever Commute.

You have joined a community that gives you the ability to help (and receive help from) your fellow passengers. All of the “alerts” and “advisories” will come from YOU…and are sent directly to your fellow commuters (on your line). A few other things to note:

  • Your should have received a “Welcome” mail. Please make note of the one e-mail address you need for the train line your ride (You can always reach the CleverCommute staff via the website…or at clevercommute at emailworld dot org)
  • Please make your messages to the group actionable, factual, and objective.
  • Please do not ask questions of the group (e.g., “how are things tonight? any delays?”). Rather, you should assume that the best information from the crowd has been shared.
  • The recent media attention has indeed caused a “growth spurt” in our membership…so there will be some growing pains I’m sure…but we’ll get through it together.
  • Follow this link to a few bullet points on “best practices”

Thanks for making this happen. Let’s hope for a smooth commute.

-Conductor Josh

This week’s PATH example

January 11th, 2008  |  Published in examples, PATH

Clever Commute [5:48 AM] WABC radio just reported service is suspended between Newark and Harrison